[Ansteorra-rapier] Helms

Travis Walker twalker at esc12.net
Fri Jun 1 19:15:09 PDT 2001


I apologize for the multiple postings.

I have 130 helms now sitting in my den.  WooHoo!  My den looks like an

I have gotten them inventoried, and hope to start getting them packaged
and out by Monday.

I will be attending the Elfsea fighter practice on Sunday.  If you will
be there to pick up helms, please email me privately to let me know.

I will be attending the Bryn Gwlad practice this coming Tuesday, and the
Steppes practice this coming Thursday.  If you will will be at either of
these practices, please email me privately and let me know.

I am really very  pleased with the combed morions, peaked morions,
cabassets, and lobstertails.
Some of the close helms, maximillians, and burgonets will need a little
fiddling to get them to fit snug.  Some will need a little more fiddling
than others, but none of them are beyond what most people can do.  Once
you begin modifying them, that should work itself out.  The burgonets
are going to need longer straps on them.  The straps on them do not
meet.  One of them will need to be lengthened.

The brass on the burgonets with extra brass, as well as, the straps on
all the burgonets were attached with small screws and nuts.  I would
suggest replacing them with rivets.  If not, at least pad them well.

I will send the patterns I used for my burgonet with the burgonets, and
the pattern I used with my morion with the morions.

Thanks you,

Ld. Edward Mercer

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