ARN - Melees at Gulf War Potterkd2 at
Mon Mar 19 13:08:17 PST 2001

Greetings unto the Rapier Community,

First off I would like to say a Vivat to my fellow Kingdom Commanders and the 
fighters of Ansteorra and her allies.  Not only did we pull together as a 
group but it was a grand day to hear each and every one of you working 
together and bringing your knowledge and training to Gulf War - YOU ALL ROCK!

Furthermore, knowing that there are more then just Ansteorran's on this list 
I hope to express my gratitude to those we just met on the field at Gulf War. 
You made the War a wonderful experience full of excitement and stories.  Also 
a large thank you to those who assisted with Marshaling and helping to make 
this a part of the Gulf War Rapier experience.

Learning to serve the dream,

HE KayLeigh, WSA

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