ARN - Princess's Tea

Trish Kvamme ladyoftherose at
Tue Mar 20 14:10:27 PST 2001

Unto all cadets and free-range fencers of our fair realm does Her Highness 
Larissa, Crown Princess of Ansteorra send joyous greetings.

As many of my predecessors have done I will be hosting a tea to which you 
are all invited.  At this tea I will be open to discussion of topics and 
concerns of the rapier community at large.  The Princess’s tea will be held 
Saturday morning at Elfsea Springfaire.  Please come and lend your minds and 
ears to one another that we may all benefit from the wisdom and nobility 
inherent in the Ansteorran rapier community.

It gives me great pleasure to know that within this realm live the finest 
gentles ever to study the arts of defense. I look forward in anticipation to 
serving you and all of our gentle lands through the coming seasons of peace.

I remain in loving service to Crown and Kingdom
Larissa, Princepessa
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