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Wed Mar 28 07:57:17 PST 2001

Isobel, if you would, please forward this to the red tape list. I'm not on it.

I think that the rapier list isn't the list for this idea to get a favorable response.  

However...Kings champion is held at coronation, usually.
Queen's is a stand alone event, all by itself, and needs no other help to survive.  
Kings Lancer is held once a year, not once each reign as are the others.  It can't make it on it's own yet and MUST be tagged onto another event.
Royal huntsman is not one I know about, but I'm betting it is in a similar situation to Kings Lancer.

I for ne do not like the idea for the following reasons.
1) Combining them would devalue one or all of them. The crown has enough to do with just paying attention to one tourney at Queen's or King's champion lists. Going from one to four a day would mean that one or more group (likely all of them) would feel slighted.

2) There are several kingdoms that do have a kingdom championship day.  Goody for them.  Just because they do doesn't mean we should also.  We don't have a kingdom champion in chiv. combat or rapier.  We have a King's champion and a Queen's champion.  They go with the crown, not the kingdom.  The King's Lancer is champion for a year, for whoever is crown.  (Again, I'm not sure about Royal Huntsman, but I think it is similar to he KL.) 

3) Not to be rude, but when archery or equestrian championship lists begin to reach anywhere near the numbers that King's and Queen's champion lists are getting, that would be a good time to start asking for equal billing. No, I do not dislike or devalue either of these two activities.  I have participated in both to a degree and expect to again shoot again. My first two tourney wins were in archery, not rapier.  My point is that a much larger portion of the kingdom fights either style (or both) than rides or shoots.

I would be much more open to combining the several martial academies (Bow, Rapier, and Sword) than I would championship events.


Eadric's idea about combining all championships into one event snipped.

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