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Good enough for me.  Consolidation can only bring higher turnout.


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<< Thought that y'all might want to see this fellow's idea.  This was
brought up on Red Tape.  I asked Richard Fairborn if it was okay to
forward it here, and he said yes.

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Looking at the online Kingdom calendar it appears that 
the Queens Champion event has a date reserved as far 
forwards as we care to look.  Usually one or two weeks 
following Coronation.

I am curious why the other Royal Champion events are not 
given the same respect and courtesy?  I can find no 
mention of King's Lancer, Royal Huntsman, or King's 
Champion on the Ansteorran Calendar.

Perhaps it is time that Ansteorra considered having a 
single  "Royal Champions" event where all of the Royal 
Champions are chosen.  

It seems to me that having a single event for these 
competitions would simplify things, possibly clear up 
space on the calendar, certainly it will make planning 
easier for the populace and the crown, assure that 
competitions like King's Lancer and Royal Huntsman are 
not treated like stepchildren, and insure that all of the 
championship tourneys are treated equally and given the 
respect that they deserve.

Any thoughts?

In Service,

Lord Eadric Anstapa
Coastal Regional Archery Marshal
eadric at



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