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Hello all,

Please engage stream of consciousness.

I posted before I saw Don Hawkins and Don Iago's posts, but I still believe what I wrote to be correct.  It would make for a greater turnout.  And, a bigger turnout would mean larger sums of money for the kingdom.  But, it would also mean a larger overhead per event.  Still, its not such a bad idea.  There are some of us in the kingdom, me being one, that tends to frequent events with certain activities.  And, when these activities are not present, my motivation for going to the event drops dramaticly.  If we could some how combine a few of them, then we could consider it a cross cultural exchange.  Consider not all 4, right 4 champions being chosen at one event, but 2.  Maybe Kings and Queens champs could be decided at one event?  I do not agree that having all the champs at one event would be a circus.  A circus implies some sort of coordination.  And, there are a few equestrians that may wish to participate in one of the martial lists.  With this same logic, some martial li!
st crossovers could occure.  But
, the final decisions rest in the hands of the crown.  They are their champs.  So, if the crown decided to hold a championship across the Sabine, I guess I should put gas in the car.  

All in all, combining events is not a bad idea.  How it is done can be.

Harry and his hairy ideas.

In a message dated Wed, 28 Mar 2001 12:22:48 PM Eastern Standard Time, "Trish Kvamme" <ladyoftherose at> writes:

<< Gentle People,

Please be assured that it is not under any serious consideration, most 
especialy not by Duncan and myself.

I would never give changing Queen's Champion Traditions even a passing 

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