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>Looking at the online Kingdom calendar it appears that 
>the Queens Champion event has a date reserved as far 
>forwards as we care to look.  Usually one or two weeks 
>following Coronation.
>I am curious why the other Royal Champion events are not 
>given the same respect and courtesy?  I can find no 
>mention of King's Lancer, Royal Huntsman, or King's 
>Champion on the Ansteorran Calendar.

Because all of those other competitions are, comparatively,
"johnnies-come-lately". We've had a Queen's Champion Tournament since the
reign of Joycelyn I (Ansteorra's second Queen, for those who don't know
their history.) We've had a King's Champion for roughly half that time, and
King's Lancer and Royal Huntsman have only been around for a few years.

>Perhaps it is time that Ansteorra considered having a 
>single  "Royal Champions" event where all of the Royal 
>Champions are chosen.  
>It seems to me that having a single event for these 
>competitions would simplify things, possibly clear up 
>space on the calendar, certainly it will make planning 
>easier for the populace and the crown, assure that 
>competitions like King's Lancer and Royal Huntsman are 
>not treated like stepchildren, and insure that all of the 
>championship tourneys are treated equally and given the 
>respect that they deserve.
>Any thoughts?

I think this is a singularly bad idea. As others have mentioned, trying to
run *four* championships simultaneously means that *somebody* is going to
get neglected, or else the Crown is going to run itself ragged (probably
both). Also, Queen's Champion is for *the Queen*--it's the one event where
she is the primary focus; adding all the other championships would
seriously detract from that concept.

If you're trying to make more space on the calendar, why not combine Crown
Tourney and Coronation, or hold a "Local Champion's Weekend"--one weekend
where *all* the baronies and shires hold their championship? Why not have a
Kingdom Winter Feast combining Steppes Twelfth Night, Candlemas, and
everybody's Yule revels? While we're at it, we could combine Pennsic,
Estrella and Gulf Wars, too.

Yes, I'm playing reductio ad absurdum. I hope I'm making a point, too.

	-Tivar Moondragon

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