ARN - Gulf Rapier

David Whitford Horoun at
Wed Mar 28 19:00:53 PST 2001

 I would like to take this time to thank all the rapier fighters who
made the journey to Gulf Wars, no matter what kingdom they came from.
You all have my thanks and the thanks of your Crown. I especially would
like to thank the regionals for their work as well as those members of
the chivalric community who found time to add their services to the
rapier field. I am also grateful to the territorial Baron and Baronesses
who lent their voices to drumming up support or who led it to the field.
While in name we were an army of sorts it is all of you who make this
kingdom what it is-A Land of Heros
  Thank you
  Robert MacPharland
 (looking forward to hearing peoples stories at events)

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