[Ansteorra-rapier] Helm Arrival

gtaylor gtaylor at lonestar.jpl.utsa.edu
Thu May 31 06:45:41 PDT 2001

Travis Walker wrote:

> Greetings
> Sorry for the waste of bandwidth, but for those interested, the first
> helm order  has arrived and should have cleared customs today.  I will
> be able to pick them up on Friday and then begin getting them to
> everyone. If your helm is being shipped to you, I will try to have them
> all out by Wednesday.  If you are picking up helms, I will be emailing a
> list of events and practices I will be at within the week.
> I will post to the website when the next order date will be.
> Thanks for your patience.

Let's see....with no financial benefit for yourself.....you go through the
trouble of hunting down the manufacturer.  You collect diverse money from
throughout the Knowne World and put together a complicated order that has to
be shipped from out of the country.  You have to drive 3.5 hours to pick up
the whole thing (do you have a big truck?  Seems that it might be in some
really large containers).  You have to bring it back and sort it out, hoping
that they sent you "good" product, in styles that you ordered).  You then
have to repack some of it for reshipment to other parts of the country, and
lug multiple helms all over Ansteorra, to intersect with the local buyers...

And you are thanking US for our patience????


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