[Ansteorra-rapier] We need you

Russell Husted husted at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 14 16:28:21 PST 2001


I am writing to ask that if you do not already have plans to go to
Bordermarche, please come to the Tx.Ren.Fest. We need you! We have had a low
but nice amount of fighters putting on a really nice demo for the last 6
weekends. Some of them will not be able to make it this weekend.

Think of it as service to your Kingdom if not just a good time.

Troll is across from the main gate and is open from 6pm to midnight on
friday night. It is also open from 8am until 10 or 11, I am not sure, on
Saturday morning.

Come support your kingdom and letting 50,000 people see what you are made of
and love to do.

your greatful servant,

ps. all fighters and marshals must have a current authorization card.

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