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Quoting Theron Bretz <tbretz at io.com>:

> > This conversation on sca-rapier has been fascinating, but I had a
> question
> > kingdom-centric, so I thought I'd narrow the focus to
> ansteorra-rapier:
> >
> > Has anyone used a mail glove in official rapier combat?  Not for
> grabbing,
> > since that's illegal in Ansteorra at this time, but I'm curious if
> there
> > are concerns with its interaction with blades.  Any thoughts?
> >
> > I ask because I've gotten into mail work, and one project idea that's
> been
> > brought up a time or two is mail gloves for rapier play.  Hate to make
> one
> > and then encounter concerns. :)
> Don Ericus Silver Hand used to fight with a maille butcher's glove.  I
> don't
> think he does so anymore, though.
> Etienne
> Old Timer

I seem to recall Robin using one several years ago at a Rosenfeld tournament.


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