[Ansteorra-rapier] Three Kings

Trish Kvamme ladyoftherose at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 9 07:43:07 PDT 2001

Greetings Unto the Rapier Community of Ansteorra!

At Three Kings it is my hope to lead an Army of fighters to battle to defend
one of the Popes in keeping with the theme of the event this year.

At Pennsic, I fought on the bridge with my Guard and my White Scarves,
joining the Calontir Army, and We fought with much valor, skill and bravery.
  Indeed the songs of this day and the stories still are told throughout
Ansteorra and Calontir.

In the spirit of this fun I call upon those of you who cross over to the
chivalric fighting community, and those who can gather together their armor
with speed for this day, to stand in battle with your Queen, who will face
the enemies of battle with glaive in hand and cry havoc and let lose the
dogs of war!

I call upon all those who are able to join Me, my Don's and Dona's and my
Guards who are able, to bring for sword, axe, shield and spear to make this
a historic day and one of legend.

Upon this I go forth to hear the words of my Counselors, for I will only
bring this great force to aid a Pope who has shown love like I have to the
Community of the Rapier.

What say you?


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