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Could I get a copy of your notes?

Toshiro Koi

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>I am curious. How many scarves did drills before they were cadets?
>My husband and I competed in collegiate fencing. We drilled everyday, 2
>hours minimum. I kinda really looked forward to it but my husband (we were
>not dating yet, we met after we both stopped competing) hated it. The
>difference was our teachers. I had Vinnie, he had Moreua. Vinnie was very
>adventurous, she would bring in old masters from everywhere for a weekend
>training and the school would pay for it. It was great. His did not.
>The best drills we did were so grueling that the "B" rated fencers were
>sore than ever in their lives. All of them hated drills but these were just
>so challenging they had to admit that they loved them.
>I still have my notes if anyone is interested in these drills. I am more
>than willing to pass them along since I will have to wait at least another
>year before our 4 year old will be physically ready to do some of them. Our
>6 year old has no interest in fencing, yet. :)
>Franchesca Havas
>McKinney, Texas

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