[Ansteorra-rapier] New Student Inundation...

GabriDAvila@netscape.net GabriDAvila at netscape.net
Fri Oct 26 09:39:42 PDT 2001

Puck holds a weekly rapier practice that focuses primarily on drills here in Northkeep. We have several regular fighters and Youth Rapier fighters that attend regularly, and everyone seems to enjoy the practice. I know that I enjoy doing the drills. The practice is run in a similar way to how our Aikido Dojo was run - more advanced students often work with the beginners to help correct them and Puck supervises everyone.

I think that the drills are also very good for beginning to develop control for our Youth Rapier fighters, and personally, I would like them to have that training before they begin sparring.

Gabri D'Avila

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