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Conner Craig conner at apple.com
Fri Oct 26 09:15:21 PDT 2001

Hello from the Academy Booklet coordinator!

I would like to add a request to Don Modius' email.  If you are planning on
teaching a class at this Academy and are planning a handout for your class,
please send me a copy of your handout so that it can be included in the
Academy Booklet.

The deadline for getting published in this Academy's booklet is December
15th, 2001.  I will accept just about any electronic format.  If you need my
physical mailing address please let me know.

conner at apple.com
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> From: Erik Langhans <ELanghans at khou.com>
> Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 15:54:17 -0500
> To: ansteorra-announce at ansteorra.org
> Cc: ansteorra-rapier at ansteorra.org
> Subject: [Ansteorra-announce] Academy of the Rapier
> Unless I am greatly mistaken, I am Class Coordinator for the Next Academy of
> the Rapier.
> We need classes and Instructors.  Scarves and non-Scarves.  Fighting and
> non-fighting.  Period and non-period.
> I am asking for 2 instructors per class (a built in back-up and it makes the
> classes more interesting)
> I am envisioning up to six 6 tracks (4 minimum).  At least A Beginner Track,
> An Intermediate/Advanced Track, A Period Stuff Track, A Non-Fighting Track.
> Let me start the class list off with.....(list will be updated often)
> Inside the Mind of a Duelist.  Instructors: Miguel, Modius, Brenden.
> White Scarves come talk about your expertise, your knowledge.  Cadets come
> show what you know and come show your skill at instruction.  All rapierists,
> you say you have never been able to fight a White Scarf.  Now's your
> opportunity.
> This is your last chance before Britta's Queens to get a crash course in
> whatever you need.
> I ask that all Instructors be they White Scarves or Non-scarves to please TAKE
> CLASSES and bring equipment.  Try to make your classes as interactive and
> hands on if possible.  Each track will be Broken out as follows...
> 9a-9:55a
> 10a-10:55a
> 11a-11:55a
> 12p-1p Lunch and Open Fighting w/ Dons and Instructors
> 1p-1:55p
> 2p-2:55p
> 3p-3:55p
> 4p-4:55p Roundtable Discussion with White Scarves
> 5p Open Fighting
> Rapierists.  Your Academy needs you!  Your Community needs you!
> Please contact me regarding any classes you wish to run or take!  Updates to
> follow.
> Don Modius von Mergentheim, OL, OP
> home 713-290-0301
> cell 713-818-4905
> modius at cityscope.net
> elanghans at houston.rr.com
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