[Ansteorra-rapier] Rapier Melee practice

Puck Curtis puck_curtis at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 5 14:59:09 PDT 2001


Etienne said:
>Fine, I'm discouraging people from going to war practices. I've been doing
>it for years and look at the results I've garnered. I'm a bad guy. The
>opposite of black is inherently white.  Happy? :-)

Puck sheepishly replies:
Maybe, my post sounded harsher than it was meant to.  Sorry about that.  It
wasn't really meant to put you in the bad guy corner, just to kind of poke
some fun at you.

like this:  poke poke

I just hardly ever hear people use the word "eschew."  Most people seem to
eschew it.

Etienne said:
>By the same token, please do not take my rhetoric seriously; I am not in a
>position to take too many things in the SCA seriously at the moment and my
>initial post on this topic was meant to be along the lines of "Hey kids!
>Cut class!  Rapiers weren't a weapon of war anyway.  Give peace a chance,

>Well, I'm one of those weirdos who thinks that the SCA's occasional purpose
>is to do things that are remotely historically accurate.  That means
>fighting wars with the accoutrements of war.  Not bird spits, to remember
>Master Silver.

"Rapier war" is probably a bad choice of words.  I'd agree with that, but we
tend to engage on the skirmish level anyway.  Maybe 100-150 people on a side
at best.  I think we could find evidence of civilan conflict on that scale.
Maybe the apprentice riots in London?  I'm sure we could find evidence of
medium to small sized civilan conflicts between protestants and catholics.

Etienne closes:
>Who will now go sit back down in the villains' corner

Puck closes:
Who will now go sit in the "I talk too much" corner

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