[Ansteorra-rapier] looking for input for this years GW

Chris Backus cbackus at peakonline.com
Sun Sep 16 20:46:19 PDT 2001

I'm not sure I can go to GW this coming year.  I'm scheduled to be
training during that period, so temper my opinions with that

However, I would like a castle more than a ravine.  It's not a huge
thing, but I remember the ravine as hot, still, and dusty.  The
terrain seemed bad, even though nobody hurt themselves during the
ravine battle I was part of (GW before last).

Castle can turn pretty static, which is boring.  People throw shots
around corners without looking, which can be dangerous.

Both have problems, I just don't like the mucking ravine.


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> Greetings unto the list,
> I am looking for input into this years GW battles.  I have heard
both sides
> for and against having a Castle Vs Ravine battle.  I want to know
what your
> opinion is.......which would you rather do?
> Also: What did you all like about last year -- what did you hate?
> OH BOY - there is a can of worms. :-)
> K.

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