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Subject: New FAA Regulations

Please re-post to appropriate lists.

The FAA has just issued new regulations concerning both checked and carry on
luggage.  Most of this will not affect getting rapier gear into checked
luggage but will slow down check in lines at both the ticket counter and
getting through security.

The new regulations require all airlines to set up a system of random x-ray
and or hand searches of checked luggage, which may mean you don't want to
bring your drop tester or mask tester to KWAR.  At the security check point
all lap top computers have to be removed from their cases, x-rayed separately
and then checked for explosive residue.

You will still be required to present a photo ID at the ticket counter, a
boarding pass or ticket and photo ID at the security check point and the
photo ID again at the gate.

AElfred of Chester

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