[Ansteorra-rapier] Squires and Cadets' Invitational

IagoAH@aol.com IagoAH at aol.com
Tue Apr 16 14:44:09 PDT 2002

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Gone are the days of the all day marathon of running from competition to
competition, trying to squeeze in as many points as possible.  The new and
improved version of this well worn event is a kinder, gentler event.  The
overall winner must still show more than skill with a blade, though.

There will of course be fighting, two lists to be exact.  What format, you
ask?  Why you'll have to come to find out, won't you?

I'll tell you this much Don Aeron has devised an exceptional tourney.

I came up with one myself, but if people are talking about it for weeks to
come, that may not be such a good thing.  It promises to be interesting, to
say the least.

One way or the other, there should be plenty of fighting for all.


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