[Ansteorra-rapier] Questions for everyone....

Delphina Champeaux lady_rapier at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 24 19:27:51 PDT 2002

Good questions... you will hear that these have been
talked about a lot already but I'm glad that you asked
because it got me to thinking that even though we have
talked about it, the discussion is very revelant to
those who are new.  Smile.

kwilson wrote:
> 1) What is the role, purpose, duties, and
> responsibilites of a cadet?

As you have already read this change with each WS and
cadet.  However, there are somethings that I think are
pretty much across the board. A cadet should strive to
improve ones self, help improve the community and do
nothing that would bring dishonor to ones self and
therefore to your Don/Dona.

The Don/Dona should be there for the cadet as a
teacher, friend and a voice where we have no voice.
They are a guide, a mentor and a roll model (even if
it's what not to do... SMile).


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