[Ansteorra-rapier] Questions for everyone....

Theron Bretz tbretz at montroseclinic.org
Fri Apr 26 07:23:21 PDT 2002

> > 3) The heart of a Musketeer.
> >
> > The last point is the least negotiable.
> >
> Ewwww!!
> Still beating, dried, or preserved in alcohol (a waste of good alcohol)?

In the words of Iolo (more or less), "Whether beating in one's chest or in a
jar in your desk drawer, you still must have one."

Besides, would you prefer the rather intolerable alternative of "To be a
cadet one must have proper late 16th c. English clothes, a hat made by
Eleanor, one or more Del Tin practice rapiers, no foils or aluminum cup
hilts in your possession, proper shoes, a period pavilion, the ability to
look down your nose at non-period techniques, and a rod up your...ahem..."?
Because that's the sort of thing I sometimes think is happening.  All in
all, I'd rather judge people on heart, not finery.


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