[Ansteorra-rapier] Linen Specs

DUFRESNE@sbcglobal.net DUFRESNE at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 8 13:40:36 PST 2002

I apoligize if this message already came through; my e-
mail client crashed when sending, but I can't see any
evidence that it actually sent.

Does anyone have a rule-of-thumb when shopping for
armor linen?  We've all heard of "Judy's linen", but
few of the suppliers have.  I've heard "medium-weight
linen", but I don't know what medium-weight is.  I've
identified a source that carries linen in 3.5oz,
4.6oz, 5oz, 5.3oz, 5.5oz, 5.9oz, 7.1oz, and 7.4oz
weights, and I don't know what to start with.  I
understand that the punch test is the only real test,
but I have to wait for delivery, and I don't have
access to a punch tester or a broken blade.  War is
approaching awfully quickly for someone who
procrastinates as much as I do...

Barring any other information, I'm leaning towards the
5.9oz--it appears to be medium-heavy (for this
supplier's range, anyway), and it's the least
expensive of them all.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

---Victor duFresne

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