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I can't seem to get through to the Bborg  list from here; thought people
might be interested in trying to crash this...

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Subject: call for papers

> for a session (or two) on
> "Youth and Society, 1450-1650"
> at the meetings of the
> Sixteenth Century Studies Conference
> (24-27 October 2002)
> in San Antonio, Texas
> The session(s) would examine the place of youths (13-24 year-olds) in
> early modern society (including politics, religion, the military, the
> arts, literature, theatre, etc.). Preference will be given to
> presentations of an interdisciplinary nature that take cross different
> disciplines or national/cultural boundaries and/or take advantage of
> various scholarly approaches.
> Please email your proposal to Konrad Eisenbichler (
> konrad.eisenbichler at utoronto.ca ) by 10 March 2002 and be sure to
> include the title of your presentation, a 100 words abstract, and a
> one-page (maximum) curriculum vitae.
> Please note: in order to participate, presenters will have to be members
> of the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference and pay registration fees.
> See the SCSC web page at www.sixteenthcentury.org


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