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> This is to let all know that one additional class is being included that

>not listed.  It is a Scotch tasting class at the end of the day after all

>fighting is over.  In order to participate, you must bring at least one

>bottle of scotch valued at at least $40.  You may also join forces and

>a more expensive bottle.

>The following types cannot be brought as your contribution, but can be

>brought as a guideline to other Scotches.

>Glen Livet in any form.

>12 year old MacAllen,

>Glen Fiddich in any form.

>Anything younger than 12 years of age.

>A short class on Scotch will also done also.  Remember this is a sipping

>class, not a shot class.

>I personally will be bringing Balvenie Double Wood







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