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Greetings unto the lists,

Below is the 2002 GW Rapier Conventions.  For more information regarding
scheduling you can go to the Gulf War Web site at gulfwars.org.  Safe travels.

Learning to serve the dream,

Countess KayLeigh, WSA

2002 GW Conventions


Gulf Wars draws fighters from Kingdoms all over the Known World.  A
reasonable attempt will be made to meet visiting Kingdoms' concerns, issues,
and desired halfway.  When in doubt, however, revert to Society conventions
or pull out of the combat. Keep cool.

SCA rapier rules are the default regarding marshal issues
    1) Any combatant using the body of the rules vs the spirit of the rules
    will be grounds for marshaled action.
    2) See Chain of Command and Appeal section for further definition

Pointed Melees, Battles or Tournaments
    1)  All pointed melees will be epee, tournament will allow the chose of
either epee and     or the different types of heavy rapier approved by
    2)  Trimaris, Midrealm and Ansteorra will supply 6 marshals each, Middle
Kingdom             and Atlantia 3 marshals each and any other kingdom with a
minimum of  3 fighters  must donate at least 1 person to marshal.
    3)  No death from behind in pointed melees
    4)  No RBG's in pointed melees

Division of the Rapier Point
    1)  The rapier point will be fought for in three sections
        a) Open Field Melee
        1) open field melee will be fought best 2 out of 3
                2) This is a last man standing battle with no DFB and no RBGs
            b) Rapier Champion's Tournament
            c) Ravine Battle
                    1)  Ravine will be a 1/2 hour resurrection battle
             2)  It will have 3 flags
                3)  The side that has control of 2 of the three flags when
time has run out is                  the victor
                4)  A fighter legged can not be "killed" by his own side to
go resurrect
        5)  A fighter can not "kill" themselves to go resurrect
        6)  A figher who looses 3 limbs can go resurrect
        7)  A legged fighter can be moved (carried) by two non legged fighters
        8)  No DFB and no RBG will be allowed
        9)  If at the end of the time a flag is in contention then those
fighters in a 15                             foot radius to the flag and only
those fighters in this radius will fight it out.
    1)  Will be defined as making 2 eye contact with the other combatant
    2)  No more then 3 on 1 during engagement
    3)  If a combatant engages any one person in a unit then that combatant
has engaged         that whole unit.
    4)  Disengagement will be defined as when a combatants are 15 feet away
from each       other.
    5)  Units can move into an engagement at a double time step and
individual fighter my       move at a full run as long as they slow to safe
pace before throwing an attack.
    6)  Deliberate body-to-body contact is not allowed. In melee scenarios,
deliberate      "corps de corps" attacks or suicide charges are grounds for
being removed from      the field.
    7)  Any engagement issue is subject to marshal review

1) Boundaries will be defined by the discretion of the Ansteorran and
Trimarian Kingdom's Marshal
2) Out of Bounds will equal death
3) Fighters will be made aware of the boundaries before a scenario is started.
4) Marshals must warn fighter when they are approaching the edge of the
world.  This warning must be given when the fighter are within 6 to 10 feet
from the edge.  The warning must be loud and clear so that the fighters are
definitely aware of the edge of the world.
5) Before lay-on is called each side's commander will be asked if they are
ready.  If the commander of that side answers they are ready it will be
assumed that all their fighters are within bounds.  Any fighter that is out
of bounds when lay-on is called equals death for that round.
6) Any fighter or group of fighters stepping out of bounds while
repositioning themselves equals death. Example would be 'running behind a
group of fighter to get to the other side of that group and going to deep
goes OOB.
7) Any fighter or group of fighters that uses the out of bounds to get away
from a fight, retreating from a fight or for a tactical advantage will equal
8) Any fighter or group of fighters physically pushed or bumped out of bounds
will be able to re-enter the fight where they were pushed out.

Secondary items
     1)  All secondary items are subject to marshal review from Ansteorra and
2) All armor and weapons must be inspected before participation in any of the

      battles, tournaments or any other fighting activities at Gulf War.
    3)  Inspection stickers must be worn prominently on their mask and/or
    4)  Both Midrealm and Meridies are allowed epee qualifications for GW
a) A list of fighters who wish to be qualified needs to be on a list approved
by both the KRM and Earl Marshal of the kingdom wishing to qualify
            b) A designated qualifying marshal from either Ansteorra or
Trimaris along with a       designated qualifying marshal from the fighter's
kingdom must be present for             the qualifying bought for epee
c) Qualifying bought must be done at least 30 min before any melee, battle
and/or tournament.

Chain of Command and Appeal

The Chain of Command and Appeal is laid out below, in descending order from
highest to lowest authority:

    1)  Meridian King
    2)  Marshal's Court comprised of the Kings of Trimaris, Ansteorra, and
Meridies        needed to overturn the M-I-C)
    3)  Marshal in charge of the War
    4)  Marshal's Court comprised of the Earl Marshals of Trimaris,
Ansteorra, and      Meridies
    5)  Marshal's Court comprised of the Kingdom Rapier Marshal's of
Trimaris, Ansteorra         and Meridies
    6)  Presiding Marshal of the Particular Battle or Tournament
    7)  Marshal on the Field

Marshal's Courts

Marshal Courts may be used to review both the decisions of marshals and the
actions of combat activity participants to determine if infractions of the
rules of the lists and the conventions of combat  have occurred, and to
impose actions as needed.  The presiding Marshal of a particular fighting
activity or an affected individual may requires that a Marshal's court be
convened to examine the issues and determine what actions (if any) should be
taken.  The decision of the marshal's court supersedes the decision of the
lower marshallate authority (if different) according to the "Chain of Command
and Appeal" given above.

1.  Standards and Restrictions
    Marshal's Courts may be convened:
        a)  For un-chivalrous conduct
            b)  For use of excessive force
            c)  For violation of the Rules of the List/Conventions of
Combat/any of the                supporting rules and regulations for an
d)  For use of illegal or uninspected equipment
            e)  As a fact-finding body (examining the events leading to an
injury) to determine             if specific fault needs to be addressed.
2. Marshal's Court actions include:
a) Removing a person from participation in the activity for a period of time
up to
      and including the duration of the event.
            b)  Banning a piece of equipment or a particular fighting style
for the field for a                          period of time up to and
including the duration of the event.
        c)  Confiscation of the person's authorization card.
 d)  Recommendation that an individual or individuals not be allowed to
return to
     Gulf Wars
            e)  Warning an individual that these actions may be taken
            f)  Taking no action at all, if the complaints were unfounded
3)   Composition of the Court: See "chain of Command and Appeal" above for
voting  member of
 the Court. In addition, the Presiding Marshal of the activity(ies) in which
the infractions took place must attend.
4)  Marshals Court Operations:
        a)  If convened the Marshal's court will be Held in the Marshal's
Pavilion off of                  Hastings Field
            b)  Decisions are reached by simple majority vote of the voting
court members
c) The presiding Marshal must see that a court report is forwarded to the
     in- charge
            d)  Appeals of any decision by the Marshal's Court by either the
defendant or the                 complainant are forward up the "Chain of
Command and Appeal

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