[Ansteorra-rapier] Suggestions for classes for the next Rapier Academy

Chris Backus cbackus at peakonline.com
Tue Jan 22 17:02:02 PST 2002

I might not have the requisite sense of humor.  I am very serious about
things that I care very deeply about.

I felt that Amerinda was offended by the tone of the roundtable this weekend
and took the opportunity to make a weak, semi-humorous attack at it.  I
think she would have done better to seriously address what she saw as the
underlying issues, argue against the way it was presented, and give some
solutions for the perceived problem that prompted the discussion.

The discussion was at least partly fired by the observation by some outside
the rapier community that cadets were not doing their job.  The job was a
cadet job and the blame can always be shifted to the Dons, but while that
shift is happening, the cadets should look and see whether they have done
their job.

I think we could have done better at the roundtable.  I think the main way
in which we can do better is to individually address deficiencies rather
than generalize them to the cadets as a whole.  I think we need to address
those who are not doing the work, not those who are doing work.  Being a
cadet is a job, not a title, award, or accessory.  If you're not working,
you should be known as "unemployed" rather than by a job title which you
don't merit.

Don Hawkins

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> Ah, I think that call it a joke or "prank"...but a sense of humor is
required when reading it.
> Gabri
> "Chris Backus" <cbackus at peakonline.com> wrote:
> >Well someone can always take initiative in being a whiner.
> >
> >Hawkins
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> >I have a few suggestions for classes :
> >
> >1. Motivational Tactics 101 - Carrot verses the stick
> >2. Dingo to Don - Do you ever lose the taste for cadet
> >blood?
> >3. When the Abused child becomes a Parent - Breaking
> >the cycle of abuse.
> >4. When to neuter your don? Is he marking everone?
> >5. Passing Blame - My cadets perfect, but yours is
> >making him look bad?
> >6. 10 ways to thicken the Sauce after you removed the
> >cream.
> >7. Fomenting a group - Common enemy approach
> >8. Learning your history - The 20 question approach.
> >9. Pranks 101 - It's a Catch 22, so make sure you have
> >fun up front.
> >10. Relationships 101 - Have "You've lost that lov'n
> >feel'n"?
> >
> >Amerinda di Praga
> >Cadet to Don Ansgar

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