[Ansteorra-rapier] Suggestions for classes for the next Rapier Academy

GabriDAvila@netscape.net GabriDAvila at netscape.net
Tue Jan 22 15:10:27 PST 2002

Responded to Hawkins privately...

By the way, just to say it on this more public forum for those who did not attend Academy. I had a wonderful time at Academy of the Rapier. I enjoyed the classes that I attended, and there were so many good classes that I was disappointed I was not able to attend some of the others.

I thought that the time to practice at the end of the day was extremely valuable. Having so many Dons with which new fighters and cadets could interact was valuable both to learning and to the sense of community.

The tournament and melee practice the next day were also valuable. As was intended, I was able to use some of what I learned the day before in the tournament. I also received lots of good (and positive) feedback on things I could work on as well.

If you are catching the rather intense discussions related to the discussion of cadets in the Round Table, I would also like you to know that overall Academy was a VERY positive experience, and I look forward to attending another one.



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