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I have never heard this.  And, if I did,

              BAH I SAY, BAH!!!@@


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> 4) On the need for new blood. I have heard of people interested in rapier
> that said that unless you weren't interested in being a cadet or white
> scarf,
> nobody would train you. Has anybody else heard this? I'll be the first
> to admit that this may be one person's perception, but if other's feel this
> way, then there is a problem. It's possible for someone to start
> dabbling and once they get the hook in their mouth they're stuck.
> I know that I train anyone from fairly new(they know which end to hold) up to and including white scarves(are you ever really through learning?  I know I'm not.).  I do tend to pass off the basics to those that are better at it.  If they want help, send them my way.  I always do pickups at events were there is fighting.  I will work with anybody that asks.
> Brendan
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