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Don't know about the scarf thing, but I also teach anyone who wants it. But
since I've received very little instruction myself, I pass on what little
I've been able to pieced together from years of observation and from other
fighters on my level. But it's been enough to help two fighters get their
white scarfs and one her red scarf.

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>4) On the need for new blood. I have heard of people interested in rapier
>that said that unless you weren't interested in being a cadet or white
>nobody would train you. Has anybody else heard this? I'll be the first
>to admit that this may be one person's perception, but if other's feel this
>way, then there is a problem. It's possible for someone to start
>dabbling and once they get the hook in their mouth they're stuck.
>I know that I train anyone from fairly new(they know which end to hold) up
>to and including white scarves(are you ever really through learning?  I
>know I'm not.).  I do tend to pass off the basics to those that are better
>at it.  If they want help, send them my way.  I always do pickups at events
>were there is fighting.  I will work with anybody that asks.
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