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While I'm not <completely > arguing with the numbers.  Strictly going by
observation could skew the results.  For instance, I have been to over 20
events last year, but I don't often cross paths with Carmen.  I'd also bet
that there is a number of cadets who could fall into a "moved" category like
in the Don's list.  They are just harder to track.

But it IS at least worth a cup of coffee for the effort!


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Here's some numbers we thought you'd all be interested in. Carmen did the
number crunching, I just did the forwarding.


Ok, here are the following numbers, based strictly on
my observations and as a lover of stats.

#'s based on last copy of peppermint list &

Total Cadets: 102
Super-Active (20  events/year): 10 (10 pct)
Active (6-20 events/year): 30 (29 pct)
Inactive (6 or less): 62 (61 pct)<- Also known as WHO?

Super-Actie Break Down:
90 pct have full time jobs/are full time students
90 pct hold an SCA office
90 pct are over 30 years old
50 pct are raising families
20 pct are peers of the Realm (and you rarely see them fighting)
80 pct hold Grant Level Awards other than WSA
20 pct are landed Baron/Baronesses
20 pct can be defined as "LOUD"
10 pct have been Queen's Champion

Active Break Down:
99 pct have full time jobs/are full time students
20 pct currently hold SCA office
60 pct are over the age of 30
27 pct are raising families
3  pct Are peers of the realm
27 pct hold Grant Level Awards other than WSA
3  pct Are former landed Baron/Baroness
10 pct can be defined as "LOUD"
3  pct Are former holder's of the Queen's Blade of Honor

Inactive Break Down:
Unknown...as I said, Who??? Some I have heard of, some
I have seen a long long time ago....

Face of the White Scarf
Total White Scarves: 76
Super-Active: 15  (20 pct)
Active: 15 (20 pct)
Inactive: 34 (44 pct)
Moved/Other: 12 (16 pct)

Super-Actie Break Down:
100 pct have a full time job
40  pct Currently hold a SCA office
100 pct are over the age of 30
26  pct Are raising families
33  pct Are peers of the Realm
0   pct Are landed Baron/Baronesses
40  pct Can be described as "Loud"
20  pct Have been Queen's Champion

Anyways, please take these for what they are worth...less than a cup a
coffee, this has not been a poll and is merely a reflection of private


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