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Thu Jan 24 08:49:25 PST 2002

My personal opinion is that I don't care what the cadets decide to do.  If
there truly isn't enough motivation for them to guard the Princess or hold
the banners, that's OK.  I loved doing both of those things and would gladly
take a turn again.  I would expect no new additions to the

Order of the White Scarf of Ansteorra taken from those who haven't enough
dedication to Ansteorra to work for it.

There are always valid reasons not to do something, so please nobody email
me saying your spleen was bruised and you couldn't hold the blade at some
event.  I might laugh at you anyway, ask me life events I've managed to work


I remember with some great amusement a few Don's and Dona's taking a turn
with the banners to tease the Cadets at an event, and the Cadets scrambled
to get the banners back...it was a fun game for everyone. :

Greetings to the List.  I am taking this excerpt from Don Hawkins post as it
pertains to something I had wanted to say at Academy, but my health did not
allow me to attend.

There has been alot of talk about the Cadets falling down on their jobs, but
as Princess I saw otherwise.

The Cadets were a tremendous amount of joy and fun for me, very attentive
and energetic.  I have spoken with several other past Queen's who also saw
them as I saw them, and have come up with a theory.

It seems that the Cadet lapse happens about every other reign, and burn out
factor would be high amongst such a small population as there is currently.

I see alot of talk about recruitment, and I am certain that the White
Scarves can impact this, but also the Cadets must show the value and fun of
being a Cadet to others.  It is their relationships with the Don's and
Dona's that the people see as well as the personalities of the White Scarves
that will make a difference.

Just my two cents, as someone who cares very much.


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