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> As far as I can tell from what Etienne has emailed me.
> Diago made the comment about it over 10 years ago.
> Probably from an observation but I'm not sure.
> It was an off hand witty comment that has nothing to
> do with anything.  It stuck because it was clever and
> degrading.
> He had no neat or interesting story to go along with
> it, and no reason to keep it. I think that we have out
> grown this symbol.
> Delphina

Whatever. That is for the community to deside. It was a fun thing when it was
done and still is. I have had many a cadet ask me what it was about and they
enjoy it. And they also asked me to put it on the jerseys. Which is one of
the things that has brought it back into the light of day.


"No matter what happens, somebody will find a way to take it too seriousyl"
- Dave Barry

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