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  This by be one reason some people stand around and it's some of my problem
that causes it. I learn a lot by watching and I don't need to do a lot of
practice to do what I see, so in watching I may not ask a new person to
fight who needs a lot of practice so this person may end up standing around
and feeling like he/she is wasting time and not thinking to ask because
he/she is always told when to fight.
  What we can do has a group is get the lower-mid-level fighter use to
helping with the new fighters and getting the mid-level and higher level
fighters to help has the new fighter gets better and also getting the new
fights use to asking everone to fight.
Ld Carlos
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>Hmm, I don't know about every such situation.  I know that the people that
>have stated their willingness to fight anyone are the ones that I have
>do that.  But Dore' brings up an interesting point that I have seen in
>action.  Isobel here in bjornsborg just about drives herself silly fighting
>everybody that asks.  She is a great deal of the reason why I am fighting
>now.  We have joked about getting her a secretary just for keeping track of
>her dance card.  I have not had the opportunity to sit around, since Don
>pieter and the cadets are also willing to stick holes in anybody that sits
>still enough.  The fact that everybody, even the non scarved people, spend
>lot of time teaching, probably helps a lot.
>A lot of the problem sometimes, is a result of misunderstanding.   White
>scarves are often easy targets.  After all everybody seems to expect them
>be able to do everything.   This is obviously not any one groups fault.
>That's way to easy an answer.  The correct answer is that events are often
>brought about by a dizzying array of factors.  Heck, the community has a
>years under it's belt and that could be part of the problem.  Since I've
>heard similar complaints about numbers in the society at large, maybe the
>problem is outside of us.
>Perhaps the community as a whole is so focused on the prize, that it's
>forgetting about the new fighters.  I know that it's hard for really good
>people to fight me, since I'm not always good enough to give them a decent
>run for their money.  I have never had a problem finding people to fight
>but I'll be the first to admit that as big as I am, I'm not the whole
>Though the Sunday morning after a good feast I often feel like I could pass
>for a planet:).  Albeit a nimble planet...
>So maybe as a group we are letting them slip through, and then again, maybe
>everybody is working double time and we're just going through a slow time.
>Both things can happen.
>These are thoughts and ideas from someone new enough to look at things from
>outside of the community, but also new enough, not to understand why things
>are the way they are.   After all everyone has an opinion.
>Bersi Ormstunga
>AKA Pubear of Bjornsborg
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>> > Fighter practice was the most difficult part for him. We would get
>> > there, he would set up and then he would end up either standing around
>> > waiting for someone to fight or fighting the same person all night.
>> > This will now be a thing of the past if all the previous postings will
>> > come to pass and I am certain that it will.
>> I am not picking on the person described in the piece I quoted above; I
>> don't know his story. But I frequently see related complaints and I
>> have to take them with a grain of salt.
>> Last Tuesday was our last practice before Queens. I spent about 1/4 of
>> my time introducing newcomers, brand new to the SCA, to the people
>> who shared their interests.  I spent about another 1/4 on baronial
>> business and announcements. I spent about 1/4 of my time working
>> with my cadet and an advanced student. The remaining quarter was
>> spent working with or sparring with new fencers. Afterward, everyone
>> seemed equally dissatisfied with the amount of time I was able to give
>> them. I guess everyone concluded I wasted 3/4 of my time. :-)
>> When I hear lots of people agreeing that all they do at FP is stand
>> around, I must conclude that anytime 3 people are standing around at
>> the same FP, it is because they choose to do so. If you really are
>> abandoned and alone, find a set of 3 fighters (2 fighting and 1
>> marshaling, right?) and ask to rotate through with them (best 2 out of 3
>> works well). It is time to stop playing the social game of dancing around
>> each other waiting for the "right" fight. Buck up, display a little
>> fortitude and ask. And ask again and again if needed. I don't guarantee
>> anyone that if they come to our practice they will get to fight a
>> person, but if they are willing to work at it they will get plenty of
>> Dore
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