[Ansteorra-rapier] Cadets Corner

Russell Husted husted at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 25 03:47:52 PST 2002

>>Perhaps the community as a whole is so focused on the prize, that it's
>>forgetting about the new fighters.<<

>>These are thoughts and ideas from someone new enough to look at things
>>from outside of the community, but also new enough, not to understand why
>>things are the way they are.<<

I believe Pubear said it well. We have two groups, those who are inside and
those who are outside. It is very hard for a person on the inside to tell
you why people on the outside can not get in, because they are already
there. Infact it is often hard for people on the inside to see a problem,
because they are already on the inside.

there are a large number of rapier fighters who are not on this list and if
I were to ask you to list all the rapier fighters you know, most likely you
would not mention some people who have been fighting rapier for years now,
because they are still on the outside of the community.

The rapier community in some places is a very tight group. Sometimes so
tight that it is very hard for people to break into it.

your servant,

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