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Mon Jan 28 08:33:01 PST 2002

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When I started out with a rapier, my teacher lined us up and we did lunges,
point control excersizes, and parries...basic moves. There were several of us.
Some of us had experience with a rapier and some of us did not. Since my Don
left the SCA I have not had anything like it. I was able to make the 1.5hour
drive a couple of times up to Memorial Park in Houston, but after 6 trips up
there and only finding fighter there 3 times, I decided that it was not worth
the average and gas money. One time I was up there I did get instruction, and
it was excellent. One time, I was teaching. And the other time, I faught a
lot...which was a blast.

At Tuesday night practise, I faught a lot. Usually, no more than 3 people in
an hour though.

At Thursday night practise, I faught a lot there as well, more people, more

The catch about this is though I was able to fight/practise I received very
little instruction. I do not know how people view instruction veres practice,
but I need both, and the hours drive to and from practise was not worth it if
all I got was practise.

When I can use my arm again, I want to pick my rapier back up, but I want to
learn to use it right, not just try and observe and copy, or learn from
experience, That is almost like reinventing the wheel.

I know there is teaching going on out there, but it is not easily accessible
and not always easy to get invited to.

I am not sure what all I am trying to say, but it goes back to what people
perceive about our community. Unless you are so and so's cadet and get to go
to his back yard practise, you can practise all you want, but no one is
"teaching" except for that every now and then when you can get somebody,
usually a Don, to take a few minutes and work one on one with you.

Just a few thoughts.

your servant,


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