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Thank you for your words of wisdom, and time spent with others.
                Yves de Byron - Mendersham
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> Good morning,
> Lately, there has been a lot of talk about teaching
> others. (It seems to be on every list I'm on ...
> smile)  I have been thinking about the fact that I
> don't teach as often as I used to and wondering why.
> I've come up with two reasons...
> 1. I'm burned out on teaching.  I'm a professional
> educator and there are just times of the year that I
> need a rest. This is not the main reason because I do
> love to teach but is a factor.
> 2. For the last year or so, I have not been teaching
> that much because I got tired of hearing the same
> thing from the people I tried to help.  (Now, before
> you think that I was just butting in and demanding
> that they listen to me, I was not.  Most of the people
> asked me for help and the others I politely asked if
> they wanted my observations. To which they answered
> yes.)
> There is an instinct to defend what you are doing when
> another shows you a different way.  If anyone whats to
> get better the different way may help.  I do not
> believe that there is [echo effect on] ONE TRUE WAY
> [echo effect off]. But as a teacher I got real tired
> of offering suggestions just to hear... "Well in
> _________ (fill in a marshal art) I was taught to do
> X."  or "Yeah but __________ (fill in a reason to lean
> forward leaving your face open)."
> If you are offered help please listen without telling
> the 'teacher' that it won't work for you unless there
> is a physical problem, ie: "My knee and toe don't
> point the same way."  Try it.  It may not work for
> you, that's OK. Say thank you, even if you don't ever
> use the information again.  That way the 'teacher'
> will want to help you again and who knows there might
> be something that they have to say that can help you.
> Thank you all for listening to me vent.
> Delphina
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