[Ansteorra-rapier] Rapier Combat stages of training vs martial arts rank belts

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Newbie?  You?  Aren't you the same guy who was involved with Cavalier Days
etc as well as being one of Jeff B.'s staged combat partners?


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> I hope I am not asking a stupid newbie question here.  If I am please
> my ignorance.  However, I suspect that this topic has come up before.
> In the interest of improving my health and getting back to an activity I
> I have been putting together my own personal training program.  I come
from a
> martial arts background (Togakure ryu Taijutsu).  I am looking at
> rapier study as a martial art.  Most martial arts have phases of training
> the student moves through.  The accomplishment of each of these phases are
> often represented by some sort of rank belt system.
> Now I am not looking for a rank belt structure for rapier.  However, I am
> curious as to what the different milestones (or phases of focus) are in
> combat training.  Invariably, everyone's training path will be different.
> However, I cannot help but think that there are some stages or phases that
> universal.
> With that in mind, if you were going to lay out a general training program
> a class of rapier students, what levels would you set up and what would be
> focus of each level? What would expect the students to be able to do or
know at
> the different levels?
> I will admit that I am not sure that my thinking on this is completely
> and I welcome any feedback.
> Thanks for your imput,
> John Hidalgo
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