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gtaylor gtaylor at lonestar.jpl.utsa.edu
Mon May 6 11:15:55 PDT 2002


I just wanted to make some additions/clarifications to my Warlord A&S

The competition will be held on Saturday and set-up will take place from
9:00 - 11:00.

For the competition, you may enter up to two pieces for judging, but may
display as many as you like.

***There is no mandatory theme.  You may enter anything that you want,
no matter how long you've been doing this particular art.  Anything that
does not fall under the "Additional" catagories listed below will just
be judged under the "Most Impressive Overall" catagory.  Items that fall
under several catagories will be considered in all of those pertinent.
Documentation requested.

Most Impressive Overall
Most impressive work by a child 12 and under
Most impressive work by a new SCA artist (first competition)
Most impressive work in a new medium (4 months or less doing the
Special recognition will be given to the artisan who best represents:
"The Heat of Summer."

In addition, if you have a particularly portable craft, come, work on
it, and informally demonstrate to others how it is done.
Artisans of all levels, including Laurels, are strongly encouraged to

There will also be classes!  Yes...we will have something going on in
the nice air conditioned hall just about all day on Saturday.  There
will be three tracks of classes (some of which will be hands on) as well
as classes on judging and documentation.  Redegund of Tours will provide
additional information....

Mistress Isobel, WSA
Steppes Artisan

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