[Ansteorra-rapier] OT: Rapier Jerseys for X-mas

Darran Faulkner ingve at mindspring.com
Sat Nov 9 23:09:32 PST 2002

Two things here,

Thing #1) Play the game for your own reasons.  I play for serveral reasons
and I won't go into them here because they really mean only two things to
everyone else.  Jack and Squat.  (did I spell that right?)

Thimg #2) What, we can't do both?  They had sports and games in period and
they were played to win.  The ideal behind modern sports goes something like
this: Do your best and play fair.  No bull, this really happens)

As near as I can tell the period ideal that we stive to recreate goes
something like this: Demonstrate your skill and fight with honor and

They look pretty similar to me.


 P.S.Yes, Harry I know this was probably a joke, but I just couldn't help
myself, because in many ways it is a very valid question.

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> So, are we historic recreationists or are we modern sports enthusiasts?
> Harry
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>  If you would like to order a rapier jersey as a gift (or for yourself)
>  x-mas please order brfore thanksgiving so I have time to make it and ship
>  For jersey information goto:
>  http://hometown.aol.com/cadet1313/jersey/index.html
>  Enjoy,
>  Pieter
>  PS if anyone that ordered one before and has a picture of yourself
wearing it
>  please email it to me. I would love to add you to the site. >>
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