[Ansteorra-rapier] Gardian of the Gauntlet

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Mon Apr 14 07:43:53 PDT 2003

What a great day for a tournament. The sun was shining
a cool breeze was blowing. There were pavilions
surrounding the field to rest under during the
tournament and to watch the fighting.

I was doubly blessed to be resting under Baroness
Sarafina’s pavilion. She had a delectable spread of
munchies and was always refilling my glass with cool
liquids. I also had the pleasure of the company of
several folks from Bordermarch, including their Baron
and Baroness, who were also enjoying Sarafina’s

There were also a number of minstrels filling the air
with joyous notes, which strangely enough complemented
the clanging of swords coming from the field.

The tournament style promised lots of fighting. It was
a triple elimination where you fought single until
your first loss, then obtained a defensive secondary
until your third loss when you were allowed an
offensive secondary. It was trilling to see how many
made it to the final rounds still with single sword.

Don Shae was the valiant victor after hard fought
finals, which I believe included Don Iago, Allesandro,
and Don Christifaro. I have to admit I was lulled by
the lovely day into taking a nap and thence missed the

Don Shae was graced with a new pass down Gauntlet hand
sewn by the previous champion Don Aeron’s lovely wife
Lady Elenor.

The day was topped off by a sumptuous feast prepared
by Lady Lea. The rum cake dessert was truly sinful.

A hearty thank you to all how worked so hard to put on
such a grand and enjoyable event.

Lady Amerinda di Praga

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