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Jeff Girard donhenri at yahoo.com
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Besides Darkwood Armory, you may want to check out James the Just (www.jamesthejust.com). He does excellent work and is willing to do almost anything you want if you want custom work done. The turn around on my custom HR from him was less than 3 weeks, so he can get the job done quickly.

Don Henri Molineaux

Chandranath <russ at randomgang.com> wrote:

>> I'm getting ready to put together my first Heavy Rapier rig, and wanted
>> some
>> recommendations on what and where to buy blades...
>> I know I've heard of Del Tin blades, as well as the Schlager blades, but
>> I have no idea of the benefits / drawbacks of each.
>> I will probably order the guard, grip, and pommel from Triplette...

Triplette is also selling the Zamorano blades, which have some similar 
characteristics to the Del Tin blades (that is, broader and flatter in 
general than the usual oval-cross schlagers and so forth.) I don't have 
enough data (I've only fought with one of each, after all) to compare them 
generally, except to say that the Zamoranos are cheaper, last I knew. :) 
Triplette sells them in 31", 35", and 40" so you can take your pick there. 
The 31", at least, is fairly stiff, although no more stiff than some 
schlagers I've encountered...



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