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> Hola folks,
> I talked with HRH at Warlord, and she had not heard of the idea of a
> Princess' Tea, but when told what it was, she thought it was a good
> idea.  Therefore...I am trying to organize one for King's College.  I
> have talked to HE Serena about it, and she has agreed to provide some
> food, and I have sent a missive to the autocrats asking for space
> near the end of the day so as not to conflict with any of the
> classes...but have not heard back yet.
> But, assuming all is ok, there will be a Princess' Tea for all non-
> White Scarf Rapier fighters at King's College in Bjornsborg in a week
> and a half.  More details to follow.
> Thank you,
> Avery Shaw
> Aubrey's
> Ansteorra
> P.S. Can someone forward this to Ansteorra.net?  I am not on it.
> Thanks, A

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