[Ansteorra-rapier] Argent Anniversary plans

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Tue Nov 25 15:25:37 PST 2003

How about a tournament something like the Roses Invitational Tourney at
Gulfwar, where Fighters are sponsered into the tournamentby a member of the
Order of the rose.

Maybee make it a Nobles Invitational so that fighters can be sponsered in by
some one with a brass hat. the winner gets a prize for themselves _and_ one
for the sponsoring noble.

Heck I could be persuaded to donate prizes even a new brass hat for the
sponsoring noble, I reckon we could get some one to sponsor an equaly spif
prize for the fighter.

Of course this does leave room for folks like Dore' and Llywellyn to
multiply their chances by sponsoring a fighter and being sponsored by
another noble but oh well the more the merier!

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> >>>Also is there anyway to have a show of rapier history?
> >>> Not necessarily on the list field.
> >>>
> >>>Delphina
> >>
> >>
> >>Sure. We'll just put me in a ring in some of my old armor, with a foil
> >>a rattan dagger and charge people $1.00 to fight me. <G> (I'll have to
> >>a dispensation from the Kingdom Rapier Marshal, since rattan daggers
> >>legal in Ansteorra any more.)
> >>
> >>Seriously, that's a good idea--displays of then-and-now weapons, armor
> >>rules, photos from the past, etc.
> >>
> >> -Tivar Moondragon
> >
> >I wanted to do a display once at an Academy with a collection of "Old
> Armour of the WS of Ansteorra".  Thought it would be kinda cool for people
> to try and figure out what belonged to whom.
> >
> >Connel said she still had Miguel's old purple and gold lame' armour...but
> he threatened to hurt me if we brought it out.  ;)
> >
> >Avery
> I've got all my old Trigger armor and one set of 4-ounce leather as well.
> -Tivar Moondragon
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