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The daggers are quite stunning.  Kudos to Brian at Darkwood for 
once again making exceptional products.

For those of you who won one of them, please be remember:

(from the script):

"It must be done on hallowed ground...the grounds of a 
church...his blood spilled on the altar of God.  Each knife must 
be buried to the hilt...

The first knife is the most important. It extinguishes physical 
life and forms the center of the cross. The subsequent placements 
extinguish spritual life, and should radiate outward, like 

If I've confused anyone, let me know.  

Ld. Corvin di Fenarro

P.S. this IS a joke...these are NOT instructions to be carried out.

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>Fair Greetings,
>Due to the constraints of time, we were unable to announce the 
>winners in the rapier lists, during Court at Argent Anniversary. 
>winner received one of a set of seven Darkwood Armory ring-
daggers with an
>Ansteorran star mounted in the ring. The winners were:
>In the "Past" tournament, Don Ingve of York
>In the "Present" tournament, Lord Dirk the Just
>In the Youth Rapier tournament, Brian ui Huilliam
>In the "Future" heavy-blades tournament, Don Brendan MacEwan; the 
>choice in the "Future" sidesword tournament was Don Aeron Harper.
>In the "Challenge the Champions" tournament, Lord Dirk the Just
>and the overall winner (who received a nice scroll in addition to 
>dagger) was Lord Dirk the Just.
>	-Tivar Moondragon
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