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No, youth rapier was ran for Mendersham Defender.          Byron
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  Hey folks,

  it looks like I have a lot of holes in my paperwork.  If you held / took part in / watched a YR tournament at any of the below events Please let me know!!

  Simone - KYRM (until October)
  jaysmom at swbell.net

  January, 2004:

  February, 2004
  Candlemas, BGwlad
  Coastal Invasiona-Seawinds
  Black Stag-La Marche Sauvage
  War College-Wiesenfeurer
  Jagermeister-Ffynnon Gath 
  Spring Court-Bjornsborg (Academy of Defense)
  Axeman Cometh-Skarrgard

  March, 2004
  Bordermarch Baronial-Bordermarch
  Ice Ax XXIII-Middleford
  Def. of Flame-Glaslyn

  April, 2004
  North Sea Raids-Ravensfort
  Championship of Shadowlands-Shadowlands
  Elfsea Springfaire-Elfsea
  Wastelands Def.-Wastelands
  Champions of Bonwicke-Bonwicke
  Guardian of Dragonsfire Tor-Dragonsfire Tor

  May, 2004
  Namron Beltane-Namron
  Mendersham Defender-Mendersham
  Loch Guardian-Loch


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