[Ansteorra-rapier] An anniversary

Chris Zakes moondrgn at austin.rr.com
Wed Mar 10 13:33:01 PST 2004

A quarter of a century ago, on a cold, wet Saturday night, history was
made. During court at the Tournament of Chivalry in the Principality of
Ansteorra, Her Highness Tessa of the Gardens announced that she and Prince
Simonn of Amber Isle were creating an award to recognize prominent rapier
fighters in the Principality. To the best of my knowledge, this was the
first "official" recognition of any sort for rapier fighters in the SCA.

At that time, there were maybe thirty rapier fighters in Ansteorra, and a
few handfuls scattered about the rest of the Known World. Benign neglect
was about the best we could hope for from most of the "powers-that-be" and
outright hostility was a pretty common reaction to the presence of rapier

But Simonn and Tessa saw farther than most, and realized that rapier had
the potential to add something to Ansteorra and to the SCA as a whole.
Little did any of us realize just *how much* it would add. So take a moment
to reflect on where you were and what you were doing on March 10th AS XIII
(1979) and to raise a glass to the folks who started the Order of the White

Happy White Scarf Day, everybody!

	-Tivar Moondragon

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