[Ansteorra-rapier] Loch Guardian Rapier Activity

IagoAH@aol.com IagoAH at aol.com
Mon May 10 14:46:41 PDT 2004

Her Excellency of the Loch has asked that I pass her words on to the rapier 
participants of our fine kingdom.  

>From Her Excellency:

"HE William has banned Rapier Dueling at Our Loch Guardian and I agree with 
him about the risks of Dueling.  On the other hand, what I would like to see is 
the Artistry of Rapier Combat.  I have heard that our Rapier fighters are 
wondrous to behold when they are showing their Artistry with their blades and I 
should be happy to find some time to winess their "Artistry".  I think HE 
William will be very busy witnessing our Champion- to -be in the Chivalric field 
and should therefore not be bothered.

HE Katya, Baroness"  

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