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RJ Allen chrystalamacruari at yahoo.com
Thu May 20 09:14:57 PDT 2004

>From what I understand, it is all happening on Friday, correct?
Chrystal Ariana MacRuari

Ledonna Wallace <lady_rapier at yahoo.com> wrote:
This is all happening on Saturday? 

It's a great line up!


--- Chris Zakes wrote:
> There are actually *four* tourneys, and they will
> pretty much run one right
> after another, starting at 8:00 a.m.
> The four tourneys are:
> Tournament #1, showing our past: Foils will be the
> primary weapon,
> "experienced" fighters may use epees. By special
> dispensation from the
> Kingdom Rapier Marshal, rattan and PVC daggers will
> be allowed for this
> tournament.
> Tournament #2, showing our present: Weapons will be
> fighter's choice, any
> weapon legal in Ansteorra, for which the fighters
> are authorized may be used.
> Tournament #3, showing possible futures: Only heavy
> blades (Schlagers, Del
> Tins, etc.) may be used. Fighters must be authorized
> with heavy blades to
> fight in this tournament. In conjunction with this
> tournament, a judged
> sidesword tournament will be held. Fighters must be
> authorized in sidesword
> to compete in this tournament as well.
> Tournament #4, Challenge the Champions: Past Queen's
> Champions will be
> lined up on one side of the field. The other
> fighters will pick their
> opponents from among the assembled champions.
> Youth Rapier: Youth fighters are encouraged to
> compete as well. They will
> be paired against other youth, but their pairings
> will be included and
> announced with the pairings of the adult fighters.
> Youth rapier fighters
> may compete in Tournaments 1 and 2 and may challenge
> past holders of the
> Queen's Hope in Tournament 4. 
> Note that if you want to compete in the heavy blades
> tournament, you are
> *strongly* advised to get your authorization before
> the event. While there
> will probably be marshals at Argent Anniversary who
> could do heavy blade
> authorizations, I expect they will be rather busy,
> so plan ahead. Also,
> this will be one of the largest and most complicated
> rapier events
> Ansteorra has ever seen; I'm going to need some help
> marshalling and
> heralding the tournament.
> -Tivar Moondragon
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