[Ansteorra-rapier] A heads-up for next Gulf War

Laurie muirghein at plaiddragon.net
Sat Apr 2 19:53:33 PST 2005

Woohoo!  Definitely gotta go to this one!  :)

Muirghein, who loves her heavy blades, just a little.  :-}
> We probably need to start planning *now* for next year's rapier tourneys, 
> melees and war points, because the "default to epee" standard that's been 
> used in the past isn't going to work next year. Those of you who aren't 
> authorized with the heavier blades will need to consider getting 
> authorized, if you want to fight in all the melees and war points. Whoever 
> next year's rapier commanders are, we'll need more practice in heavy-blade 
> melees.

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