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More information on the Sidesword experiment.

In Service,

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If you didn't know, one of the quarterly BoD meetings was this past
weekend.  Here's a section from the meeting minutes that pertains
to rapier.

>In a report read by the marshal's ombudsman, the Society Marshal noted that
>he had suspended the experiment in Side-Sword combat, pending a complete
>re-write of the experimental rules by his deputy for Rapier Combat.  After
>much discussion between the Board, the Society Officers, and the audience,
>the Board did not uphold the suspension, and directed the Society Marshal to
>provide specific evidence for the need to suspend the experiment, or a
>revised set of rules under which the experiment would continue.

I've already seen notes on some lists saying the stopping of side sword
has been overturned.

This is *NOT* true.  As of this moment, the decision by the SEM to stop
side sword experimentation is *still* in effect.  The BoD is still reviewing
the situation and discussing things with the SEM.  They are seeking
further details before making a final decision.

So continue to behave like the ladies and gentlemen that I know
you are.  And urge the same behavior among the members of your
populace.  May I remind you that what you say (and especially what
you type) has an impact far beyond what you may expect, both good
and bad.

My apologies for being caught up in some "real life" at the moment.  I'll
try to shake some things loose these next few days.  And believe it
or not, not all of it is side sword related.  *smile*

Thanks all,

Baron Aedan Aylwyn, Provost             Society Rapier Marshal
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